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AmzGod 3.5 Inch Satin Brass Door Hinges for Standard Doors

AmzGod 3.5 Inch Satin Brass Door Hinges for Standard Doors

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【STANDARD DOOR HINGES SIZE】:Get reliable and high-quality gold door hinges in a size of 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, featuring 5/8" rounded corners and 6 holes. The brass door hinges includes 12 (30)hinges and 84 (210)screws for easy installation. Crafted from solid iron with a satin brass finish, these gold hinges ensure long-lasting durability. To maximize performance, we recommend using 3 hinges for each interior and exterior door

【UPGRADE SCREWS LENGTH】: Enhance the stability of your doors with our interior door hinges set, which includes 6 standard-length screws and an additional 2-1/5" extra-long screw. We have upgraded the standard screw length from 9#x 3/4" to 1" to ensure a perfect fit. The inclusion of the extra-long screw is intended to anchor the hinge when replacing existing door hardware in the same hole, making installation easier

【ROBUST DESIGN】: Our satin brass door hinges are built for dependable performance, boasting a durable plain-bearing construction that ensures smooth operation over time. The seamless functionality of the bearings guarantees effortless door opening and closing, while the sturdy design ensures long-lasting durability. With the ability to rotate up to 270 degrees, these 3 1/2 inch door hinges offer flexibility

【HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE】: Our certified door hinge undergo rigorous ANSI/BHMA testing for safety, durability, and finish. With your well-being in mind, we strive to provide a tranquil and effortless door-opening and closing experience. The hinge central shaft includes the damping oil feature which is built to reduce metal-to-metal friction and provides quiet open-door and close-door experiences. The pin is removable but with some difficulties due to the sticky lubricant we added around the pin


【VERSATILE USAGE】: Our satin brass door hinges are adaptable to various decorative styles and rooms, making them ideal for offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. They can also be used on furniture doors and are suitable for outdoor buildings like garages and dog houses

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Frequently asked questions

Why are some show the pins are removable, some description says they are not? Which can the pins of be removable?

Generally, less than 18 sheets (excluding 18) are added with damping oil, so we do not recommend removing the pins. No less than 18 sheets (including 18) are not added with damping oil, so the pins can be removed with hammers and nails.

If the pin can be removed, how to remove it?

It is easy to remove the pin. Just turn them upside down with the pin off the edge of a table or a solid surface and hit the bottom with a nail and it comes out.

How long are the screws included in the packs?

Each 3.5" hinge comes with 6 short screws (0.75") and 1 long screws(1.58") and Each 4" hinge includes 8 short screws (1") and 1 long screws(1.58"). The short screws make the door perfectly fit the frame.The longer screws provide additional strength!

Claims to be rust-proof, but are they really anti-rust?

Our products have a rust-proof coating on the surface. Any color hinge can be used in the bathroom for a long time, and there is no sign of rust.

What is the load limit?

The strength of the hinges is more than adequate for even 4-6 foot doors. It is no problem that the hinges are used on heavy wood doors, standard hollow core doors, and solid interior doors and so on.